About Us

Banners was inspired by Loot and is designed to be the society and politics layer for the community. We are a small team of passionate individuals who have been nerd-sniped by the idea of helping to create a decentralised fantasy universe.

Banners was also created to be a launchpad for artists to design in their own style for holders of the original text-based NFT. All Banners data is on-chain and available for any artist who wishes to design a project.

Banners Explained

Each Banner will have three Elements that come from four distinct categories: Mythicals, Animals, Weapons and Items. Banners can exist with Elements from just a single category or a combination. The likeness and order of the elements found in your Banner can also create familial bonds with other houses of the realm. The bonds are not defined as being positive or negative, and not all Banners have bonds, but all banners share elements with many houses.


Banners that have a Mythical, a pair, a set, or elements within the same classification, are more rare.


Any two unique Banners that share the same three Elements (in any order) are considered to be a part of the same House. Houses can be made up of two to six members, where the larger the house, the more rare it is.


In addition to the strengths and family connections, we also denoted two additional special distinctions, Celestials and Seafarers.

The Celestials are any house bearing a combination of only Sun, Moon and Stars. This is inclusive of the houses that have pairs (ex. Sun, Sun, Moon) and the sets of three (ex. Stars, Stars, Stars). The Celestial houses are tied to the lore of Loot, and like the 15 Mythicals have lineage to the original 16 orders. More about this can be read in the lore section of this whitepaper.

The Seafarers are similarly made up of houses bearing a combination of just a small subset of Elements; in this case Kraken, Mermaid, Trident, Fish, Eel, Whale, Longship. They do not have any specific lineage written into canon or lore, but in a vast world the oceans, waterways and coastlines will play an important role.


Ancient Banners are the oldest houses of the realm, having been around since before Genesis. An Ancient Banner is comprised of only animals and elements from the earth.

For more information, please view our White Paper.

The Painter

The Painter is a novel being written by the Banners team, with inspiration from the Open Quill and input from the community.

Set roughly 50 years before the impending end of days, The Painter is a story about loss, grit, and exploration of a seemingly normal man in a world of magic and monsters. Follow the Painter on his adventure to restore his family, uncover his commissioners and discover the nature of his condition.

Read on Royal Road.
Read on the Genesis Eye.

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Join our discord to nerd out on heraldry, discuss lore and get updates on the project.

Our discord is also home to Call the Banners: The free to play sell-sword game with very few rules. Prizes include Banners and other Lootverse NFTs.



What is Banners?
Banners is a collection of 10,600 text-only NFTs. Banners is a society layer for the end of the Exodus epoch in the meta timeline of the Lootverse.
Why Banners and Why the Exodus Epoch?
A lot of the action in Loot happens during the Great Adventure (present day) when the gates to the Divine City re-open. The questions that excited us were ‘How did we get here?’ and ‘What caused the Great War?’ Our idea is the vibrant, diverse and tenuous society that leads to the Cataclysm and sends the adventurers to shelter in the Divine City. We’ve created a framework to write 1000 years of stories, narratives and games about how and why the Cataclysm happened. From politics at the highest levels to the forbidden love stories, each has its place in shaping the world.
What does a Banner do?
Three things. The first, it's a society layer for Loot (a primitive within the Lootverse) during the Exodus Epoch. It's encouraged to be built on and incorporated into other Loot projects. The second, it's an art platform for anyone to design on. Finally, Banners will play a part in the gameplay of future iterations of our Discord game, Call the Banners.